Volare, a Finish ingredients manufacturer will open the first factory in Järvenpää, Finland intending to produce 5,000 tons of insect protein and lipids. Since Volare utilizes its own “unique” technology, the facility will need around 30% less energy.

“We produce high-quality protein and lipids from the side streams of food production, and this has an extremely positive impact on the environment. With the new facility, we will be able to respond to the growing demand for climate-friendly protein in Europe,” said CEO Tuure Parviainen.

The company intends to construct other facilities like this in Europe.

Volare is a branch of Finland’s VTT Technical Research Centre assuming to have used the black soldier fly (BSF) in an “ultra-efficient” way keeping nutrient in pet food. The company uses uneatable parts of grains from mills, potato peels, and stale bread which is useless for the food industry and adds the BSF larvae. Out of this, it creates protein and fat in “just a few weeks.”

Volare is currently delivering its protein to bird and dog food producers. Last year, the company has cooperated with retailer Alvar Pet for dog treats and Lemmikki’s Leo & Wolf brand for bird seed bars.

Raising €700,000 from venture capitalist Maki.vc and receiving €450,000 from Business Finland, Volare has invested €1 million in food development technology.

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