According to the department of the Suziria Group, Suziria Distribution, the distribution centres will be extended. At the end of 2022, the company operated 4 centres in the Ukraine in Kharkiv (5 500 m2, 6 000 SKU), in Kyiv (2 000 m2, 5 000 SKU), in Lviv (3 200 m2, 4 000 SKU) and in Kalush (5 300 m2).

Due to the current situation in the country, Suziria had to restructure processes and cover some of its centres achieving a safe international supply to western Ukraine and a distribution of the products across the whole country.

Suziria Distribution intends to follow its expansion goal, increasing the location in Kyiv to 10,000 m² by late 2023. Even in these unstable times, the distributor wants to further provide the high delivery service quality for the customers and brands. “After all, being as close as possible to customers is vital for business these days,” said Serhii Demchenko, director of Suziria Distribution.

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