Interzoo 2022, the first in-person show after the pandemic, was a raving success. In numbers, 1,328 exhibitors from 59 and 27,861 visitors from 129 different countries were overall happy and positive being part of the exhibiton.

Compared to 2018, there was a slightly smaller amount of visitors this years (around 11,000 less). Organisers rightly bearish that fact since the industry still has to face problems of travel restrictions and the Ukraine war, so that one cannot say the show took place under normal pre-pandemic conditions. Most important is, that the Interzoo could happen this year and could put a smile on visitor‘s and exhibitor’s faces.

Before the show already, participants were eager to get in personal touch with each other. But the war in Ukraine led to a smaller number of visitors from China and Russia. Against expectation, the number of national visitors was smaller for open reasons too.

Although, the Interzoo organiser WZF was very happy: “The fact that, despite the continuing uncertainty, so many players in the sector had made Interzoo a firm date in their diaries is for us evidence of a high level of confidence in Interzoo and its organiser WZF,” emphasised WZF managing director Gordon Bonnet. And Norbert Holthenrich, president of Interzoo’s conceptual sponsor ZZF, lauded the “staggeringly high” international amount of vistors (72.5 per cent as compared with 74 per cent in 2018)

In numbers, 22,807 visitors came from Europe, therof 7,698 were Germans, 1653 from Italy, 1174 from Spain, 1089 from the Netherlands and 1,089 from Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Only 966 visitors from France and 958 Polish attended the Interzoo.

The numbers of visitors from other continents were as folllows:

1,571 visitors from Southeast and Central Asia, 1 218 from the Middle East, 1 014 visitors from South and Central America, 505 from North America, 491 attendees from Africa and255 from Australia and Oceania.

The next Interzoo will take place in Nuremberg from 7 to 10 May 2024.

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