On 6 July, the Italian contract development and manufacturer, Procemsa Group, has revealed the extension of its portfolio adding pet care supplements and cosmetics. The company hopes to meet the increasing demand because of pet humanization.

Pursuant to data of the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA), 53% of UK adults own a pet which leads to a total number of 22 million cats and dogs. This increasing ownerships also follows an increased awareness in pet health which is why more pet owners buy products related to health or wellness.

This development was the reason for Procemsa to present its new portfolios at Vitafoods Europe 2023. It contains different products like probiotics, vitamins, cosmetics and mood-regulation supplements.

Procemsa was founded in 1939 and has specialized in pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. Operating 3 facilities and 5 production plants across Italy and Germany, the group produces different products like pet food and food supplements, cosmetics and medical devices. Procemsa comprises three companies: Farmaceutici Procemsa, OFI and Aakamp.

„As a leader in nutraceuticals, diversification into pet products was the natural next step for the business,” said chief revenue officer Robert Walker.

According to the company, it’s new portfolio addresses several pet health issues such as skin, gut, oral health, and mobility. Furthermore, the formulas support overall pet health including brain, kidney, liver, eye, and heart.

“Much like people, variety is the key to a healthy diet for dogs and cats and adding a vitamin and mineral supplement is a fantastic way to ensure extra nutrients are absorbed to keep a four-legged friend healthy,” Walker continued. “With the average life spans of cats and dogs being on average 14 and 10.10 years respectively, pet parents are trying to do as much as they can to prolong the life of their furry friends. Whether its digestive issues, problems with anxiety or dermatological concerns, nutraceuticals can enhance the physical state of our animals.”

The supplements will be available in various formats and flavours. Additionally, they are free from added sugars, artificial colors, preservatives and GMO.

“At Procemsa Group, we pride ourselves on a forward-thinking approach to research and development, anticipating demands before there’s a need, and our evolution into pet supplements is just one example of that,” he ended.

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