Specialist retail group Placek Pet Products in the Czech Republic has recently unveiled a brand-new warehouse in Podebrady, situated about 60 kilometers east of Prague. This expansive facility, constructed on a 10,000 square meter plot, now boasts an additional 15,000 pallet spaces, significantly augmenting the Plaček Group’s storage capacity to a total of 25,000 square meters and 40,000 pallet slots within its expansive four-hectare distribution center in Poděbrady. Furthermore, the warehouse complex includes a two-story administrative building, accommodating the sales departments of various distribution channels.

Alongside the construction of the new warehouse, the group has implemented modernized transport and technical solutions, ensuring efficient truck operations. Furthermore, both incoming and outgoing goods are now handled at an elevated level, facilitated by the construction of a new access road to the entire site.

The Plaček Group operates an extensive network of nearly 390 Super Zoo shops across the Czech Republic and Slovakia, along with Dino Zoo in Latvia and Kakadu Zoo in Poland.

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