Pet Network International aquires the pet retailers Zoo Group Stefanov and Zvjerinjak in order to strengthen its position in southeast Europe.

The Zoo Group Stefanov was founded in 2009 and owns 30 locations across Bulgaria plus its e-commerce platform. PNI aims to concentrate on omnichannel growth by combining all its operations in Bulgaria under the Dr. Stefanov brand. The Group’s currents CEO Mario Ivanov will remain CEO at PNI for the Bulgarian market.

The second retailer Zvjerinjak runs 6 stores in Zagreb. The aim of the acquisition is to transform the stores to PNI’s Pet Centar which will “substantially bolster” PNI’s influence.

These takeovers show that expansion and investment is “biggest driver“ as to PNI’s CEO Timo Tervo. Overall the company owns more than 200 locations and e-commerce platforms in Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria and Slovenia.

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