Due to a partnership with UK retailer Tesco pet food startup NOOD, that is based in New Zealand, reached expansion into the fourth international market recently.

More than 30 million products of NOOD were sold in New Zealand, Australia, France, the United Kingdom and Canada since 2019. Tesco predicts to sell about 8 million NOOD products in the UK within the first year. At the moment, there are more than 12,000 sold per week in France at Carrefour.

“We’re so excited and very fortunate to partner with large supermarkets such as Tesco to distribute NOOD, which allows for the economies of scale to produce high-quality recipes affordably, and unlike many larger companies, we pass these savings on to customers,” said Alistair King, founder of NOOD. “Our team at NOOD believes that every pet deserves the proper nutrition to live a happy life and for owners to feel reassured about what they are feeding their pets. We can’t wait for UK pet lovers and their furry friends to try it for themselves!“

NOOD’s pet food products are made out of ethically sourced proteins such as cage-free chicken and turkey, and sustainably caught salmon. Since the company works together with pet food experts, these proteins are also mixed with probiotics, superfoods, minerals, and other essential ingredients.

NOOD offers three dry pet food products for dogs, three dry and five wet products for cats. According to NOOD, all products are suitable for cats and dogs of every age. Additionally, they are free from gluten, eggs, dairy, sugar, salt, and artificial flavors and preservatives.

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