The London – based pet food manufacturer Scrumbles has raised an investment, led by Business Growth Fund (BGF), of £ 6 million intending to be used for the company’s international debut as well as the enhancements of the omnichannel business model.

Furthermore, the new investment will help the company to find a new finance director and to push expansion. Mike Brehme and BGF’s Daria Polunina will enter the company’s board as non-executive chairman and non-executive director.

According to a statement of CEO Aneisha Soobroyen towards GlobalPETS, the company will present itself at Zoomark Bologna in May to build its “global footprint.”

In 2018, the company was founded by Jack Walker and Aneisha Soobroyen, who both are very experienced in goods for consumers.

Driven by the problem to find food suitable for pets with digestive issues, the co-founders have started to enter the pet food sector. The founders could concentrate on the development of nutritious food with probiotics for gut health and digestion.

Now, the manufacturer offers all natural and “gut-friendly” cat and dog food which can be purchased in all grand supermarkets and pet supply stores, online and offline.

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