The Filipino pet food processor Pilmico stated that the brands Maxime, Woofy, and Tommy have experienced “significant increase in popularity” in 2022.

Pursuant to the company, the effort was driven by a new cat brand plus a new budget line for cats. Due to still rising demand, Pilmico manufacturer is “exploring the potential” for the future steps.

“We are extremely pleased with how much Pilmico’s pet food category has grown over recent years. We’ve seen how pet owners have increased recently, contributing to the rise of the pet industry in the Philippines and the rest of Southeast Asia. 2023 is an exciting year [and] we will strive to develop top-notch products,” stated Pilmico’s Pet Category National Sales Manager Blessie Zarzuela.

As food and agribusiness subsidiary of the Aboitiz Group, famous for the operation in several industries, the pet food business was first established online in the Philippines. By now, the products are available both online and offline across the country and are exported to Malaysia and Vietnam. The export to Indonesia is already being planned.

The Filipino pet industry’s worth is estimated around 6 billion ($108M).

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