The Belgian pet food manufacturer Edgard & Cooper has raised an investment of $22 million (€20M) to push innovation for its products and strengthen its position in Europe. According to the company’s founders, the investment shall increase the popularity of ist products and announce the “approach to even more cat and dog owners locally and internationally and to further roll out the Zero Pawprint 2025 plan.”

The venture capitalist The Craftory has conducted the funding round together with the investment company DLF Venture. Three years ago, Edgard & Cooper received $22 million (€20M) from both investors.

In order to minimize its environmental impact, the pet food manufacturer has just launched a range of extensions.

In 2021, the company has celebrated the launch of a 100% plant-based dog food range and a “junk-free” premium cat food. Also, it firstly revealed the “Zero Paw Print 2025 plan“ aiming carbon neutrality by 2025.

Last year, Edgar & Cooper could be happy to receive the B Corporation Certification which is granted to companies that represents high standards for performance and transparency.

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