Latest results of a research on US pet industry from the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) show the importance of all 523 pet food facilities in the country.

The pet food manufacturing industry could record ales of $102.3 billion (€‎94.26B) in 2022, of which Missouri and Kansas accounted for the most with $12 billion (€‎11B) and $10.4 billion (€‎9.5B).

The whole industry contributed $7.4 billion (€6.8B) in taxes and offers around 284,000 jobs across the country.

Most industry employees work in Missouri, Kansas, Pennsylvania, California and Iowa. “These states all have dozens of pet food manufacturing facilities generating economic activity, ranging from 18 in Iowa to 59 in Pennsylvania,” the study says.

Last year, labor income of the sector marked round $20.4 billion (€‎18.7B) with Missouri leading ($2.5 billion (€‎2.3B)).

The results are evaluated adapted from direct, indirect and induced effects.

The AFIA calculates the survey results based on a combination of direct, indirect and induced effects.

The term ‘direct effects’ relates to the “economic activity directly attributable to the industry under analysis; in this study, the production of animal feed and pet food from a variety of inputs.”

‘Indirect effects’ relate to those “of local inter-industry spending throughout the supply chain, for example, the seed, equipment, fertilizer, and other inputs used by a farmer to produce corn for a feed mill,” the study explains.

And ‘induced effects’ display the “results of employees of the, directly and indirectly, affected industries spending their income throughout the local economy.”

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