Due to a financial help from Crescent Capital Group LP’s European Specialty Lending program, Harwood Private Equity, owner of Assisi Pet Care, wants to lead his company’s “acquisitive growth strategy”.

Assisi will aquire Maced Sp. Z.o.o including its facility, that is a natural dog treat producer focussing on dried animal byproduct chews, as well as beef and poultry treats. This will be Assisi’s third acquisition.

“As a result of the transaction and with Crescent’s financing support, Assisi Pet Care will be able to gain more control over its manufacturing process and further increase the company’s geographical diversification and coverage across all major European pet food markets,” said Christine Vanden Beukel, managing director and head of Crescent’s European Specialty Lending strategy. “We believe this will strongly position the company within the attractive, fast-growing natural treats and pet food segment with a premium brand presence.”

Maced, founded in 1993, provides retailers, online platforms and pet speciality stores across more than 20 countries.

Assisi, established in September 2020 Harwood Private Equity and Peter Mangion, is located in Skipton, UK. The company distributes natural pet food and treat products across the UK, Germany and Poland. Assisi first acquired the natural dog treat manufacturer Hollings Limited in October 2020. In March 2021, the company made its second acquisition with Town and Country Petfoods Limited.

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