Mühldorfer Nutrition AG introduces a mushroom-based meat substitute for the pet food industry, addressing the need for sustainable alternatives to conventional meat and insect protein. The vegan raw material, available as VegBites, VegSlurry, and VegPowder, offers versatility in processing and aligns with the industry’s responsibility for environmental stewardship and ethical pet nutrition.

In the pursuit of sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions, Mühldorfer acknowledges the growing demand for alternatives to traditional meat sources. Consumers increasingly seek products that are both environmentally conscious and resource-efficient.

After setting clear goals, Mühldorfer, in collaboration with Neuburger Fleischlos GmbH, presents a mushroom-based alternative to meat for the pet food industry. The three processing forms cater to diverse production needs, emphasizing ready-to-process raw material that harmonizes with the natural dietary habits of dogs and cats.

The mushroom-based substitute is not only economically viable but also environmentally friendly. Its sensory properties closely resemble meat, ensuring high acceptance among pets. This alternative proves more appealing to consumers than insect-based options, with a price comparable to conventional meat (K3 material).

The raw material is suitable for both wet and dry pet food, offering optimal storage and processing capabilities. The range includes VegBites, VegSlurry, and VegPowder, providing flexibility in formulation. The active focus on animal welfare and significantly lower water consumption compared to traditional meat production contributes to a genuinely sustainable and ethical solution.

Klaus Mittermeier, CEO of Mühldorfer Nutrition AG, emphasizes the significance of their vegan raw material: “With our vegan raw material based on resource-efficient mushrooms, we offer the entire pet food industry an economically sustainable solution to responsibly and ethically reduce the use of the meat resource.”

Manufactured in Austria, the raw material highlights the importance of regional production and short transport routes, further promoting sustainability. The product serves as the foundation for reduced-meat pet food that aligns with both ethical and environmental considerations.

For the wet food segment, a selection of VegBites varieties is available, while VegSlurry and VegPowder cater to the production of dry food. The brand BALDUIN, presented to the retail sector, encapsulates the ethos of “Lots of Meat, Even More Sustainability.”

In summary, Mühldorfer Nutrition AG’s mushroom-based pet food solution offers a comprehensive, environmentally friendly, and economically viable alternative to conventional meat resources, reflecting a commitment to responsible and ethical pet nutrition.

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