Flamingo Pet Products, the Belgian wholesale giant, is undergoing a significant move to a cutting-edge facility in Olen, strategically positioned near its former base in Herentals. The expansive structure encompasses a warehouse spanning 33,500 sqm, with dimensions of 240 meters in length and 144 meters in width. Additionally, a mezzanine floor covering 6,300 sqm and a four-level office space totaling 4,600 sqm are integrated for seamless operations.

A standout feature within the facility is the 1,740 sqm showroom on the mezzanine floor, immersing visitors in the diverse array of over 8,500 Flamingo products. The site is thoughtfully designed, providing 226 parking spaces for both employees and visitors.

Enhancing efficiency, the warehouse features a pallet area offering approximately 62,000 storage spaces, intelligently organized across six levels. Operational dynamics involve 65 order picking vehicles navigating 42 order picking lanes, processing an impressive 10,000 picking lines daily. To streamline logistics, the building incorporates 35 loading and unloading docks along with three sectional doors.

Adding a touch of uniqueness, the new facility’s exterior façade undergoes a captivating color shift, with grey elements transforming into shades of pink when bathed in sunlight—a symbolic ode to the life cycle of the flamingo.

The construction project witnessed the collaborative efforts of over 250 individuals from 45 diverse companies, working together over an extensive 425-day period to bring this innovative facility to fruition.

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