Having entered the pet food market less than two years ago, BRF, the Brazilian company, initially announced its intention to divest its pet food business wing – serving dogs, cats, and other pets – in February this year. However, there has been a shift in plans as BRF executives have reconsidered their decision.

In a statement to investors on Nov. 13, Fábio Luis Mendes Mariano, Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer, conveyed, “As the third-ranked player in the pet food market in Brazil and the leader in super premium natural pet feed, the Company is committed to driving growth in this segment. This will be achieved through increased distribution via specialized channels, a reinforced brand strategy by segment and channel, consolidation of integration synergies, and progress in the export expansion strategy.”

BRF’s venture into the pet food market saw expansion in July 2021 with the acquisition of Hercosul, a move announced in June of the same year. BRF’s subsidiary, BRF Pet, is poised to acquire Paraguassu Participações and Affinity Petcare Brasil Participações, both holding 100% of the capital stock of Mogiana Alimentos. Mogiana Alimentos, with over 46 years in the pet food market, specializes in animal nutrition products for dogs and cats. Headquartered in Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil, the company has a notable presence in the southeast region and exports products to countries in the Caribbean, Europe, and South America. The company operates with production units in Campinas and Bastos, Brazil.

Mogiana’s product portfolio includes the superpremium Guabi Natural, Gran Plus in the high premium segment, Faro in the premium segment, along with the Herói and Cat Meal brands in the standard segment.

BRF, previously known as Brasil Foods, stands as one of the largest poultry producers globally. Formed by the association between Sadia and Perdigao, BRF annually produces Cobb and Ross broilers, along with 37 million Nicholas turkeys. Beyond poultry production, BRF is a significant compound feed manufacturer, operating on an international scale, with its products reaching more than 110 countries.

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