Staking its claim as South Africa’s premier pet food brand, Montego Pet Nutrition is reinforcing its investment in solar energy. After injecting 22 million rand (1 million euros) in 2019 to initiate a dedicated solar installation and energy storage plant at its Graaff-Reinet production facility, Montego is committing an additional 11 million rand (541,000 euros) to transition into a low-carbon company, playing a pivotal role in environmental sustainability.

Kallie Venter, Montego’s engineering manager, explained, “Comprising over two thousand 550 W panels and covering more or less the entire roof of our head office in Graaff-Reinet, the new upgrade takes it a step further. We’ve integrated and digitised the solar energy plants to allow remote monitoring and control of the entire system, online, in real-time.”

The meticulous four-month installation has yielded remarkable success. Venter expressed, “The project has been so successful that we’re actually producing around 200 KW per day in excess capacity, which we feed back into the national electricity supply grid, so we’re also contributing to alleviating the energy crisis overall,” Montego’s future plans include extending its solar commitment by implementing photovoltaic systems across all manufacturing facilities, commencing with the Centurion plant early next year.

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