According to an announcement by QRLL Pet on Feb. 24, the company was approved by the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) for its activities and obligation on sustainability. The company could convince the awarding organisations PSC and Planet+Purpose Solutions with its krill environmentally friendly harvesting methods.

“We want happy and health pets along with a healthy earth,” said Andrew Fuente, sales director at QRILL Pet – Americas, which is owned by Aker BioMarine. “To that end, it’s very important for us to further strengthen our efforts for QRILL Pet, and by working with the PSC, we are taking our sustainability position to the next level. This accreditation allows us to be a big part in creating a more sustainable pet industry and we believe that our customers will see the benefits and value in this.”

Joining the Pet Sustainability Coalition in 2020, QRILL Pet aimed to get the company’s methods approved. Aker’s BioMarine’s krill fishery has gotten an A rating being “the world’s most sustainable reduction fishery.“

“The Pet Sustainability Accreditation means that a company has measured, third-party verified, and committed to continuously improving the impact of their business operations,” added Ashley Lane, accreditation manager at PSC. “By aligning the assessment and improvement of their impact with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, accredited companies are making progress on these global initiatives and making business decisions that benefit people, pets, and the planet.”

In August last year, Aker BioMarine cooperated with the global industrial machinery and technology provider GEA aiming to build a production facility that manufactures hydrolyzed krill protein. The company wants to use that protein for its own krill ingredient brand INVI.

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