Leaded by its majority stakeholder Columna Capital, the French pet health insurance company aims to become the Europen leader in pet food industry.

“This fundraising allows us to take a step further in our ambitions while ensuring the continuity of our mission: to democratize access to pet care in the main European countries by offering affordable services adapted to all types of needs and a quality service,” said Hugues Salord, who’s recently been appointed as CEO.

SantéVet currently operates in Belgium, Spain, and Germany but plans to extend to markets in Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, and Austria. The company anticipates to reach a number of 300,000 contracts by 2022.

Within the next 5 yers, SantéVet will provide 500 new jobs next to the currently existing 350 employees. By 2026, the company intends to be the leader in European animal health insurance market serving more than 1 million animals.

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