According to results from the survey of Japanese Ipet Holdings, the spending for its pets increased 4.3% among 1,018 pet owners compared to the previous year. Due to the pandemic and the raised working from home, at least ¥100,000 ($773 / €741) was spent last year by 4 out of 10 pet parents.

Generally, dog owners spent more money (between ¥50,000 ($386 / €370) and ¥100,000) that cat owner (less than ¥50,000). The overall expenses of cat and dog owners amounted to ¥200,000 ($1,546 / €1,482) to ¥300,000 ($2,319 / €2,223) last year.

The spendings of medical services, vaccinations, medical check ups, food and treats also increased.
Since many employees could work from home during pandemic time, pet owners were able to perceive changes in health of its pet. 17% of Japanese pet owners admitted that “because of the effects of not going out, expenses have decreased and the amount of money that can be allocated to pets has increased.”

As other reasons, pet parents enumerated the “rise of food prices” and “expenses associated with the aging of the animal.”

Regarding their expected expenses this year, 3 out of 10 dog owners and 2 out of 10 cat owners think they will spend even more money.

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