One of Ireland’s leading pet food manufacturers Irish Dog Foods reveals expansion plans intending to double its production capacity by investing €20 million ($21.4M).

In order to meet the rising demand, the pet food and treats manufacturer and exporter will build a new modern production pland in Kildare.

According to Head of New Product Development, Fran Dunne, the plant will start operations in October 2023. Irish Dog Foods will create 150 new work spaces, 50 new ones in operational roles and 100 new ones regarding business development, finance, management and marketing.

Irish Dog Foods, founded in 1985, supplies its products to more than 40 countries. Except from Ireland, the company is the main supplier for several retailers and discounters in UK. Recently, the company celebrated the acquisition of the South African pet food facility Afrique.
Alongside the expansion, the firm aims to increase its position and export business in Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America.

Through a retail deal with US Sam’s Club owned by Walmart, Irish Dog Foods will also enter the US pet food market.

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