According to latest data released by the National Association of Manufacturers of Food for Companion Animals (ANFAAC), pet food industry achieved €‎1.7 billion ($1.8B) last year which is an increase of 14.4% compared to 2021.

“These figures show again that the sector is going through an optimal moment despite difficulties in accessing raw materials and the confines of energy prices, transport and the rise of global inflation; obstacles that the industry keeps facing head-on,” explains ANFAAC’s Secretary General Santiago de Andrés.

Although in total, dry food accounted for the major part of that industry, the biggest increase was recorded in wet cat food sector. While dry dog food increased by 12.8% to €‎736.3 million ($794.9M) and dry cat food by 16.6% to €‎367.5M ($396.7M), wet cat food increased by 17.6% increase to €260.3 million ($281M). Wet dog food grew by „only“18.8% to €141.5 million ($152.8M).

Despite this increases, the sales volume slighty decreased by 0.5%. Last year, the pet food volume amounted to 562.388 tons whereas the dog food volume decreased by 1% and cat food volume increased by 0.5%.

Analysts expect an annual revenue in Spain of $2.20 billion (€2B) by 2026.

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