Pet industry looks forward to coming together in Nuremberg again – Interzoo is back again. Not everybody knows that the city has a long history and some very interesting sights. A tour around the city is worth it. Find out more about the five most intriguing places for your sightseeing tour. The Interzoo is a perfect time in Europe because spring is here in Nuremberg. Discover all the nice places of this historical town and enrich your time on Interzoo with some more highlights. Do not miss out sightseeing this year.

Nuremberg’s history

The beginning of this town in Germany’s Franconia reaches back into Roman times. Furthermore, it has been the unofficial capital of the Holy Roman Empire for centuries. Some also might remember the more infamous parts of Nuremberg’s history during the era of Nazi Germany and the trials against Nazi protagonists after the Second World War. Today the city is the center of an economic active region and also known for its tradefair facilities. Here it is the perfect host to the Interzoo. There is no time for boredom in this lively and charming city. Use your spare time during Interzoo to have a look around. Take business partners with you and use sightseeing for networking in Nuremberg.

5 most famous places in Nuremberg

1. Kaiserburg

Do not miss the Kaiserburg. It dates back to the 14th century and therefore represents Nuremberg in the time of the Holy Roman Empire. It is found in the famous “Altstadt” and gives you an impression of former times in this town. The Kaiserburg is not just another historical castle. It has been the seat of the Imperial court for hundreds of years. Every newly elected emperor had to hold its first imperial diet in this castle. From a platform, you have a marvelous look at the whole city today. Take a closer look at a deep well going 50 meters into depths, centered in the courtyard. The Kaiserburg is a must when come here. – Learn more about Kaiserburg.

2. German National Museum

Over 25,000 exhibits give you an impression of the rich German history. You should be sure you don’t miss a visit to this famous museum. It is so large that you will not be able to see all the interesting stuff just in one day or a few hours. So set some priorities in advance. Do not miss artworks by Dürer or Cranach. Maybe there is an epoch you have a special interest in. The German National Museum is famous for portraying the daily life in certain times. It represents life in Germany during the different times like no other place or museum. So do not miss it. – Learn more about German National Museum.

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3. St. Sebaldus Church

This church goes back to the 13th century. It is representing the gothic style. One half of the church was built 100 years later than the other half. So, the style slightly differs. The tomb of St. Sebaldus, Nuremberg’s patron, is situated in this church. While Sebaldus lived in the 8th century, his tomb was designed by a renowned artist in the 15th century. The church really belongs to this city and is somehow one part of Nuremberg’s soul. Besides, it somehow forms a center of its own kind in the “Altstadt”. – Learn more about St. Sebaldus Church.


4. Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds/ Nuremberg Trials Memorial

If you take an interest in the 20th century history, pay attention to these two places. Nuremberg played an active role in the Nazi propaganda apparatus. There is a giant documentation now to show all details of this infamous part of town’s history. After World War Two, some Nazi protagonists had to face trials in Nuremberg. Find out more about these at the Trial memorial. Sightseeing is so exciting here in Franconia as you meet medieval and modern times alike. Something for everybody’s historical interest. – Learn more about Memorium Nuremberg Trials.

5. German National Railways Museum

Do you know that the first German railway ran between Nuremberg and Fürth in 1899? To find out more about the subject is a good reason to visit this peculiar museum. Spend your time here by looking at a huge model railway of 80-square meters, famous trains and railway/bridge constructions. The historical railways and the trains represent the beginning of the industrial age in Germany. Nuremberg is a place where the industrial epoch was born. – Learn more about German National Railways Museum.

There are lots of other fascinating places in Nuremberg. Keep your eyes open for the Albrecht Dürer Haus and some more historical churches. Furthermore, just a take a walk through the famous Altstadt. It is worth it, especially in May. You will find nice people and fine restaurants, too. Interzoo and sightseeing are a perfect match in Nuremberg. – Just give it a try.


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