We have already introduced some interesting places in Nuremberg to you in some articles lately. If you come to this historical town for the Interzoo, there are some secret places mainly insiders know. Discover these special sites today and feel as if you have known the area for your life. It is all always a perfect experience in a foreign country or town to meet locals and to visit their favorite places. None of the more general touristic sites can offer such an authentic feeling and atmosphere.

Three very nice insider places you can combine-a special local tip

Find in the following passages three secret tips for a nice evening in Nuremberg. These places are near to each other in the castle area, so you can visit them in one evening. As one is a famous brewery, you can take your beer with you by visiting the other sites. Here is a local tip for a lovely spring evening in the host town of Interzoo. These places are not typical touristic sites. There are many local folks there, enjoying Nuremberg’s evening life here, too. So, a perfect opportunity for you to meet locals and to get an idea of Nuremberg’s authentic atmosphere, apart from touristic sites. – A fourth tip holds a special experience for movie-friends.

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Kunstbunker – a bunker for art

Under the famous castle in Nuremberg, there are various cellars drawn into the rock. One of them was used as a bunker during World War II. Artifacts from churches and museums were hidden there to protect them from attacks and secure them. The Kunstbunker shows us an interesting exhibition about that special time. It is an opportunity to get an impression of the special atmosphere in these stone cellars. Wartimes were rough for the town, which also gave place to some Nazi events.

You find the Kunstbunker directly near the castle near Tiergärtnertor-Platz. This rock cellar is only one of captivating corridors drawn into the stone. They are guided tours into special rock corridors in the underground, showing prisons and an old beer-cellar. But beware: Some guides speak the local dialect “Fränkisch” and you might need another local who can translate this into English. So, you get an idea of the local language here.



This place is not only known for its entrance to the Kunstbunker. Nurembergers call it Dürerplatz. These different names can be confusing for foreigners, as there is another original Albrecht-Dürer-Platz nearby. What is so special about the Tiergärtnertor-Platz? Especially in the springtime with first warm evenings, everybody is sitting outside and there is a very spontaneous atmosphere. Street musicians join and are part of this exceptional place. It is made for you to relax and to enjoy springtime in Nuremberg. Nurembergers love the easy life outside, just be a part of it during your time at the Interzoo.


Hausbrauerei Altstadthof brewery

Do you love beer? We talk about an original beer from Franconia here. If you like to give this beer a try, the brewery Altstadthof could be the right address for you. It is situated directly under the castle in the historical buildings you find there. Maybe you must look for it because it cannot be found at the first glance for the somewhat winding passages here. You can buy enormous bottles of beer there as a takeaway. So, possibly, this is a good opportunity to take your beer to the already mentioned Tiergärtnertor-Platz and join the locals there. Is there a more relaxed way to enjoy the evening after business at the Interzoo than a bottle of beer and nice people around?


Cinecitta – 3D Cinema

You surely love movies. Then visit the Cinemagnum with the biggest 3D silver screen in Germany. What is fascinating about this place: It is completely built into the historical Altstadt-under the ground. So, it is probably also the deepest silver screen in Germany. When it was built, it was Germany’s deepest building pit, going down 35 meters into the depth. It was set in the middle of historical houses and buildings. The Cinecitta has been opened in 2001. Every local remembers the impressing building site and the big hole in the ground. The atmosphere there is unique and can add another special experience to your trip.

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