On May 11, Chris Fredrik Simmenes started his role as factory manager at Biomega’s main biorefinery located in Skaganeset.

The last ten years, Simmenes was leading more than 60 employees, supervising production and operating processes.

“It’s with great pleasure that we welcome Chris to our team,” said Stig Petersen, chief executive officer of Biomega. “Responsible for the day-to-day operations of our Skaganeset biorefinery, his wealth of experience in dealing with regulatory requirements from Mesterbakeren will swiftly become an asset to us as we focus on improving our circular approach to upcycling salmon rest streams.“

“With a background in teaching and experience in logistics management, Chris is a superb mentor and is already becoming a vital part of our team here in Norway,” Petersen added.

Furthermore, the company revealed its plans to build a new biorefinery in Hirtshals in Denmark opening this summer which shall be supervised by Simmenes too.

The new sustainable facility concentrates on enzymatic hydrolysis which manufactures salmon peptides, proteins and oils for the pet food as well as for human nutrition industries.

Operating the new facility, Biomega is planning to produce salmon peptides and Salmigo™ 20,000 metric tons (in total).

“I am truly grateful and humble to be welcomed by such a highly competent team at Biomega,” Simmenes said. “The company is continuously working towards its sustainable goals as a responsible manufacturer, therefore the decisions we make must be for the future of our planet, and I look forward to taking our operations to the next level.”

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