The Swedish pet food producer Petgood receives a funding of €2.5 million supported by Axel Johnson and the VC fund Course Corrected which will be used to push the Research and Development section.

According to founder and CEO Pernilla Westergren, all pets should get to know the advantages of pet food based on insect protein. “It’s like meat but better for both the pet and the climate,” she said.

“The funding will enable Petgood to accelerate our growth across Europe and intensify our innovation through R&D.”

The company has lately reported the advantages of black soldier fly fat being free from any antibiotics.

After raising a raised $2.1 million in funding this year already, the company could build a new partnership with the Australian insect farm Future Green Solutions.

Petgood, founded in 2020 by co-founders Pernilla Westergren and Thomas Dalebring, has committed itself to provide customers with insect-based high-quality dog and cat products. The products are available online, at vet clinics and at some Swedish retailers like VetZoo and, in the Nordics and at German retailers.

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