The Ukrainian pet food company Suziria Group has opened a second facility in Kalush, Western Ukraine. Not only, the company achieved to continue production at its plant in Kharkiv despite the Russian invasion, Suziria Group could open another plant plus three more new warehouses.

On Feburary 24, Suziria were temporarly forced to stop production at its plant in Kharkiv because of Russian’s attacks. To make sure, that the company can prodce pet food without interruption, it has opened another factory in Western Ukraine.

According to head of the supervisory board and co-owner Polina Kosharna, the building and finishing of the new facility only took 4 months til it could start operation.

She also gave some information on the company. “Suziria Group is a Ukrainian family business incorporating Suziria Production, Suziria Distribution and the MasterZoo chain of pet shops,” Kosharna explained. “Founded 29 years ago, Suziria Group now operates across the country and abroad, exporting products under its Priroda, ProVET, PET Fashion, Special One, Savory and Essence brands.

“Currently, Suziria Group operates more than 10,000 square meters [107,640 square feet] of production facilities and more than 14,000 square meters of warehouses,” she added. “The full-scale invasion of Russian troops has affected many business processes, as well as logistics.”

There are currently working 45 employees at the new company. When the Group increases its output, there shall be created more working places.

“Suziria Group’s companies export their products to more than 10 countries across the world, including the U.S., Germany, Spain, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Jordan, Moldova, Georgia and Azerbaijan,” Kosharna stated. “The group is actively working on securing further foreign markets for our brands.”

The company intends to create several more lines of wet cat and dog food and treats at the beginning of 2023. “We will also expand the range of the True Fresh by Carnilove brand,” Kosharna said.

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