Anticipating an impressive turnout, the organizer of the Haustiermesse Wien (Vienna Pet Fair) is preparing for over 200 exhibitors at Marx Halle on March 2 and 3. Positioned as Austria’s premier consumer trade fair for pet enthusiasts, the event will unfold across two expansive halls.

Diversifying the experience, the event’s agenda encompasses numerous captivating shows featuring familiar personalities like Lukas Pratschker and Leonid Beliakov. Attendees can engage in hands-on activities and delve into insightful presentations on dogs and cats delivered by distinguished speakers hailing from Austria and beyond. The ÖKV Breed Presentation is set to showcase the talents of more than 150 participating canines, while the ÖVEK Cat Exhibition promises a diverse collection of feline breeds. Moreover, the Exotica invertebrate market will be a hub for both local and international breeders, offering a broad spectrum of invertebrates for interested buyers.

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