GENIC International just announced the passing of Nicola “Nic” Dechamps on January 9th, 2022.

Nic started his pet industry career as Senior Vice Vice President at Iams Pet Food International, Inc.

In 2001, he made his dream true and became independent. He founded GENIC International GmbH and became its Managing Director which position he held until his death. The company focused on supporting companys developping trade amd sales strategies.

Furthermore, he was part of the Fressnapf Holding SE family where he worked as non-executive board member. Additionally, he was the Chairman of Global PETS Forum since 2000.

Some of his colleagues tried to express their appreciation:

Torsten Toeller, Founder and the owner of Fressnapf: “For over 20 years, Nic supported me and Fressnapf / Maxi Zoo. First he provided guidance as a consultant with the strategy and organization in an international context and later as a member of the Board with the overall development of the company. Nic was full of life and a great person who, with his values, fitted well with Fressnapf and me. He became my friend and certainly one of our last unforgettable events was the Board offsite on Mallorca in September, 2021. He was cheerful and confident. That is exactly how I will remember and miss Nic, like many others who knew him”.

Bob Moran, former CEO, PetSmart and Interim CEO, GNC (United States): “Nic was a deep strategic thinker and unique problem solver who always made us come out of our comfort zone and made us think differently about how we approached business solutions. However, most of all, he was my very dear friend. Nic was kind soul who was bright spark in this world. Nic touched everybody’s lives in a positive way and made it a point to make all those he encountered feel important and special. Nic showed up when it mattered, had your back, gave to those in need and would defend and stand-up for his friends and colleagues should the need for it arise. Nic made the world a safer place for all of us. Nic will be deeply missed”.

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