The premium pet food manufacturer Edgard & Cooper has completed its funding round led by investment fund The Craftory under participation of DLF Venture. The manufacturer could obtain €20 million ($21.71 million USD).

Edgar & Cooper was founded in 2016 and is dedicated to provide high-quality pet food products by reducing environmental impact. The company uses fresh ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. Dry and wet dog and cat food as well as dog treats belong to the company’s product range.

“Edgard & Cooper’s approach is the best proof for us that a serious focus on the welfare of the animals and their owners doesn’t stand in the way of a successful growth story,” stated Elio Leoni Sceti, co-founder of The Craftory. “We’re convinced that in the future, pet owners will focus even more on the origin and quality of their dog or cat’s food and its ecological impact. Edgard & Cooper has proven that they’re not only ready for this evolution, but also willing to help initiate it and determine the rules of the game.”

Edgard & Cooper has extended and developed the product range over the past two years. In 2021, it has launched the plant-based dog food range, one year later a “junk-free” cat food range as well as setting the goal to become carbon neutral by 2025 with the its Zero Paw Print 2025 plan. Last year, Edgard & Cooper could also obtain a B Corp certification.

The received funds shall be used to expedite product development and to increase its influence in the Pan-European pet food market.

“For us, this new investment by The Craftory and DLF Venture is the recognition that we’re on the right track,” explained the founders of Edgar & Cooper, Koen Bostoen, Louis Chalabi and Jürgen Degrande. “From the beginning, it’s been our aim to thoroughly shake up the dog and cat food industry, which is still almost entirely in the hands of a few major players. The fact that our approach is appreciated by pets and their owners motivates us to continue our work and to help transform this industry. An approach in which not only the financial performance is important, but also the impact on animals and our environment. The extra resources will be used to make our approach known to even more cat and dog owners locally and internationally and to further roll out the Zero Paw Print 2025 plan.”

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