dsm-firmenich, an innovator in the health and nutrition industries, and BESTMIX Software, a leader in feed and pet food production solutions, have announced a strategic partnership to measure and manage the environmental footprint of animal feed. By combining BESTMIX’s software tools with dsm-firmenich’s Sustell™ life cycle assessment (LCA) platform, the partnership aims to help feed producers generate and share their feed footprints easily, meeting the increasing demand for data to measure, report, and reduce environmental impacts. With about one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions coming from food production, this initiative will enable feed producers, farmers, processors, food companies, and retailers to accurately report emissions and track environmental footprints, promoting value chain transparency and improving sustainability practices. Leaders from both companies emphasized the value and sustainability benefits of this collaboration, with Gerard Marneth, CEO of BESTMIX, highlighting its contribution to a sustainable future, and David Nickell, VP of sustainability at dsm-firmenich, stressing the importance of LCA footprinting for industry cooperation.

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