Petbuddy Group (PBG), a consortium of eight super-premium pet food brands from Stockholm, Sweden, has acquired Thrive Pet Foods. Thrive, with over 20 years of market presence in Europe, specializes in freeze-dried wet cat and dog food, and its integration into PBG is set to leverage the group’s extensive global retail network to accelerate the brand’s growth. PBG’s CEO, Alexander Retzlik, emphasized that significant investments will be made to expand Thrive’s product lines and enhance distribution channels to meet the growing global demand for high-quality pet food. PBG plans to introduce Thrive products to new markets using its established distribution networks in the Nordics and the UK, ensuring efficient market penetration by leveraging synergies in sales, distribution, and production. Co-founder Erik Wide Gustafsson reiterated PBG’s commitment to growth, innovation, and sustainability, aiming to create trusted pet food brands that pet parents can rely on and pets will love.

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