Petmarkt, a new drop shipping platform in Mexico, might be the start of a new era for sales of veterinarian products in this South-American country. picked-up this news and made an article that we really recommend read more at their site.

Covid-19 – booster for online sales

Covid-19 lockdown affected a lot of smaller and also bigger pet shops and surely also veterinarians. This is true for most of the countries around the globe and a hard fact for our #PetFoodNation. This situation gives e-commerce a whole new significance even for pet shops and veterinarians, that have to sell goods, at least for a part of their business. And following the value-added chain this also important for the pet food producers.

Easier market access  for new veterinarian pet food brands

Especially, as a new pet food manufacturer or even with “only” a new brand, it can be hard to enter the veterinarian market. Platforms like Petmarkt can ease access to many of them and at the same time facilitate logistic part for veterinarians.

Chinese pet food market success is, to a big part, based on e-commerce platforms like While many elder markets and consumers, especially in Europe, but also America may still learn a lot in this respect. It will be interesting to follow the rise of this and similar platforms in the future. Not only for veterinarians but all related parts in #PetFoodNation.

Good luck to the founders and all partners of Petmarkt!