In a collaborative effort, Zooplus, a prominent online pet platform in Europe, and GXO Logistics, Inc., a specialized contract logistics provider, have unveiled an advanced logistics hub, signifying a significant milestone in their partnership.

Nestled in Bor, the freshly minted fulfillment center leverages GXO’s state-of-the-art technology, endowing Zooplus with a spectrum of capabilities to fortify its presence in the European pet markets. This expansive facility, spanning 60,000 square meters (equivalent to 645,834 square feet), is a testament to cutting-edge automation, poised to amplify Zooplus’s daily delivery capacity and ensure expeditious delivery for customers.

Joost Bous, Chief Operating Officer of Zooplus, remarked, “The new fulfilment center in the Czech Republic perfectly complements our existing logistics infrastructure and takes it to the next level. By working with our trusted partner GXO, we gain access to tailored technology and automation solutions, enabling us to respond more quickly and individually to different regional consumer needs. In this way, we are enhancing our value proposition to our community of pet parents and are consistently taking another step forward in our journey of creating the ultimate, most convenient pet destination in Europe. Ultimately, we are advancing our logistics network into a future defined by innovation and a steadfast commitment to customer-centric values.”

The Bor facility adeptly manages a diverse array of 14,000 pet products, encompassing supplies and nourishment, loading nearly 36 parcels per minute and dispatching over 200,000 customer parcels weekly, as attested by GXO. Zooplus envisions this center as a cornerstone in accommodating the mounting customer demands across Central and Western Europe.

Beyond its commendable capacity, the fulfillment center is meticulously designed in alignment with Zooplus’s and GXO’s rigorous environmental, social, and ethical standards. It upholds BREEAM compliance and integrates features such as LED lighting, solar panels, and heightened energy efficiency. The facility streamlines transport efficiency through automated height reduction machines for nearly every parcel, effectively curbing package sizes. This, in turn, aids Zooplus in reducing paper and plastic consumption as well as carbon emissions. Additionally, the center integrates an intelligent battery charging system and an advanced queuing process, thereby curtailing the need for batteries in handling equipment.

This recently established facility constitutes a vital component of the multi-year contract inked between GXO and Zooplus, an announcement made in early 2022. The companies have forged a collaborative alliance for half a decade, with GXO being the stalwart provider of warehousing solutions for Zooplus. According to GXO, its operations for Zooplus in Spain have witnessed a near threefold surge in product variety and outbound volume over the past five years.

Richard Cawston, President of Europe at GXO, conveyed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are delighted to expand our partnership with Zooplus in Europe,. Since 2018, we have helped Zooplus lower delivery costs in the Iberian Peninsula. With our new facility in Bor, equipped with industry-leading technology, we are strategically positioned to support Zooplus’s growth across Europe, enhancing access to major markets. We look forward to building on our established partnership and continuously improving our service.”

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