In pre-pandemic years, the pet food market in Mexico recorded double-digit growth rate but now, the market growth has slowed down to about 6%. Although, you cannot find any evidence that the number of dogs and cats has increased more slowly.

To find out the reason for the industry’s growth behaviour, you have to follow consumer decisions.

One main theory in the Mexican pet food industry explains the deceleration with inflation and income loss at the same time whereas pet parents feed dry pet food together with leftovers so that they do not have to watch out on balanced pet nutrition.

While pet owners experience a bit financial relief, it does affect the pets health in a negative way.

Apart from that, 45.68 million dogs and 18.55 million cats are in danger of being abandoned according to INEGI. Next to ethical qualms, this has bad effects on pet food industry too.

In order to countervail this development, pet food manufacturer can undertake market researches to find out consumers preferences and specific needs.

If manufacturers interact with consumers determining what they really wish for, Mexican pet food industry can find its way back to strong growth.

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