Percuro Pet Food announced the company’s new brand ambassador with celebrity veterinarian Scott Miller, Ph.D. The insect-based pet food company presents Miller as “perfect celebrity veterinary spokesperson”.

Miller, born in Australia, graduated from Queensland Veterinary School in 1997. Since then, he became famous on national and international TV shows, giving his expertise on his own TV show Vet on the Hill” as well as on the show “This Morning.” Furthermore, Miller has released the Puppy Parenting.

“We are honored and delighted to welcome Scott Miller on board the Percuro team as the first ever celebrity veterinary surgeon to validate a planet friendly insect-based pet food range,” said Brett Vye, chief executive officer, Percuro. “Studies show that farmed insect production has great potential to lower the carbon footprint by significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions when compared to traditional livestock farming by requiring less land and water in the manufacturing process. With a shared vison for a more sustainable future combined with his depth of knowledge and vast experience in animal health and optimal nutrition, Scott will be instrumental in directing Percuro’s initiatives to raise further awareness of the amazing benefits to not only our pets but crucially also to our earth’s natural resources by feeding dogs with Percuro’s insect protein pet food as a healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional dog food.”

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