Slowly over the last ten years and because of the Covid pandemic, the number of short – life food products sold via internet have strongly increased. Hence, companies are searching solutions for a direct delivery.

The benefits of the direct-to-consumer (DTC) purchase are lower costs, faster processing, highest margin and no needed space at retailers, to name just a few. The companies also have the opportunity to build a direct relationship with their customers including the exchange of email address and phone numbers that can encourage the customers to repeat buying.

As precondition for the DTC purchase, the companies must build up a strong digital presence. There are several options like digital sails, building email lists, using third party websites, building audiences on social media platforms, using influencer marketing or building a supply chain that includes a co-manufacturer, a third-party logistics center (3PL) with enough storage capacity, refrigerated transport service and last-mile delivery services. The companies need to adjust their supply chains to their individual needs.

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