The Belgian dog food company Dog Chef expands its offer of fresh dog-food delivery directly to the consumer into various international markets. Additionally, the company plans on extending production capacities.

Dog Chef refers to itself as specialist in natural and healthy nutrion containing all high-quality ingredients that are even suitable for human consumption. The meals are adjusted on the dog’s profile and will be directly delivered to the customers.

Pursuant to co-founder Alexis d’Oultremont, Dog Chef supplies customers in Belgium, France, Luxembourg and most recently in the Netherlands. The company aims to expand its delivery area to Germany first and Spain and Italy later on.

D’Oultremont expects a sales increase of 50% amounting to €15 million (US$14.7 million) compared to the previous year. He also revealed plans to expand manufacturing capabilities.

“We want to continue to invest in increasing our production capacities,” d’Oultremont said. “In several months, we will also launch food supplements that will respond to the specific needs of particular groups of dogs, for instance puppies and senior dogs.”

On its website, Dog Chef offers different subscription models that are customized to the dog’s size: €1.4 (US$1.37)/ day for 2kg – dogs, €2.5 (US$2.46)/ day for 15 kg – dogs and €3.7 ($3.64)/ dy for big dogs (30kg). Customers can choose between 0.15 kg, 0.5 kg and 0.8 kg dog food portions.

Next to dog nutrition, the company also provides chew toys, treats and more dog products. D’Oultremont and his partner Alexandre Cardon founded Dog Chef in Huldenberg near Brussels.

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