Three out of seven startups participating in the Leap Venture Studio accelerator program come from the pet food industry: Marleybones, People who kaer and Pretty Well.

The accelerator program by Mars Petcare, Michelson Found Animals and R/GA Ventures will take place online and in-person in London.

Since many European citizens have recently gotten themselves a pet, the organizers have selected seven pet care startups for its program.

“This year we are thrilled to be working for the first time with a region-specific group — in the early stages, companies are built by the ecosystems around them, and we’re excited to dive deeply into the European pet care ecosystem,” stated Rachel Sheppherd, director of ventures at Mars Petcare. “Pet parenting challenges pivot around geographical, social, and cultural complexities; these can best be solved by those who empathize with these problems. Leap aims to back those companies who are bringing innovative solutions to the European market and beyond.”

Marleybones, based in London, provides dog food through a subscription service. The pet food is gently cooked and adapted to the dog’s age, size, body condition, activity level and treat feeding. Customers can choose between chicken, salmon, lamb and beef as protein. As another extra, customers can choose dog food toppers with superfoods that support the pet’s health.

People who kaer was founded in Hamburg and also provides supplements for dogs that tend to special health conditions like joint, immune and skin. Furthermore, the company offer freeze-dried dog treats out of animal proteins such a lamb lung, chicken hearts, bovine udder, horse muscle.

Customers of the French firm Pretty Well can purchas natural meals for cats and dogs through a subscription service. The company develops the pet food customized to the pet’s age, weight and allergies. Every formula is gluten- and grain – free and contains 41% protein, 89% made from animals.

Along with the startups BorrowMyDoggy, HiPets, Moggie and Rex, the companies will be supported to reach their goal by business strategists, technologists, designers and consultants from the Leap Venture Studio team. The startups will obtain $200,000 and mentorship to raise further funds in the future. Each founder gets the opportunity to present his startup to the organizers.

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