Marco Baumann is the new vice president of business unit capital of ANDRITZ Feed & Biofuel, a sector of ANDRITZ playing in the pet food industries. Baumann has been ANDRITZ’s animal feed industry director introducing the company as plant solution for feed producers.

Baumann will strengthen customer relationships and promoting the company’s sustainability and growth aims.

“ANDRITZ is a company that is ever-evolving, and to be a part of that evolution is an opportunity I take very seriously,” Baumann said. “At present, we face fundamental challenges in terms of feeding the global population and addressing environmental issues such as reducing CO2 emissions. They must be faced head on, and we are uniquely placed as a business to make a tangible impact — from pioneering the process changes required to use alternative proteins in feed, to optimizing biomass fuel production.“

“Our customers trust our expertise, knowledge and capability to deliver plant solutions of all sizes, and our strategy is one of continuous improvement — advancing our ability to deliver even greater benefits going forward,” he added.

Baumann can convince with his wide experience in plant engineering and business economics providing in-depth knowledge to face any problems within the industries. He will be the company’s representative at Victam Asia in Bangkok from Sept. 7 to 9.

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