Adisseo has announced the acquisition of the French animal nutrition additive producer Nor-Feed. Adisseo aims to expand and push the development of ingredients for animal feed.

20 years ago, Nor-Feed was established by joint CEO Pierre Chicoteau and Cecile Chicoteau and aims to push the popularity of using extracts from agricultural co-products in animal feed.

The company’s ingredients such as grape, citrus and Melissa extracts, essential oils and Saponins can be used for pets, horses, cattle and pigs or fish and enhances palatability and efficiency by controling red mite population and minimizing ammonia emissions.

Adisseo intends to further promote its offering of sustainable and natural ingredients in a market, that increases about 10 per cent anually. At this point in time, Adisseo provides preservatives, palatants and essential nutritive substances amongst others.

“We are pleased to have signed an agreement to acquire the Nor-Feed Group, which is consistent with the Adisseo mission to offer its customers sustainable, affordable, qualitative and safe solutions,” said Jean-Marc Dublanc, CEO of Adisseo. “This operation is part of our strategy to accelerate the growth of our specialty products on unique and differentiating technologies.”

Besides the acquisition, the R&D, production and sales network will still be run by Nor-Feed. Also, co-director Oliver Clech and Pierre Chicoteau will stay with the enterprise.

“Nor-Feed has solid bases, and our purpose is unique on the market,” Pierre Chicoteau said. “We have developed and registered botanical additives for animal nutrition, safe, effective and manufactured in France in a structured CSR framework. Adisseo has worked alongside us since 2016 and will now allow us to take the Nor-Feed project much further.”

Adisseo’s aim is to provide Nor-Feed with its competence and network on its way to expansion.

“The demand for botanical additives for animal nutrition is confirmed each year, and we have experienced an average annual growth of more than 20% over the last 11 years, driven in particular by our solutions to offset oxidative stress or manage coccidial risk,” Clech stated. “The growth potential remains considerable, and the team is very committed to continuing our development.”

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