The initiative Save Pets by pet food manufacturer Kormotech has provided 650 tons of cat and dog food and raised over €1 million.

Within the Russian invasion the team has established a global network including voluteer coordination centers in every Ukrainian controlled region. Over 22,000 pet owners, animal shelters have inquired at the initiative which has overall collected donations of UAH45.9 million (€1.29M) through the organization Hearts Foundation.

Save Pets has brought more than 650 tons of pet food to the Ukraine, plus provided animal immunization, veterinary services and rebies vaccs in Kyiv and Kharkiv.

At the moment, the organization intends to support animal shelters and volunteers to minimize the number of pets abandoned by their owners.

“Now we are working in disaster mode, distributing food and medicines. However, we all have to do our best, so every animal has its own caregiver. The goal of the initiative is to help every animal to find a loving family,” said Kateryna Kovaliuk, coordinator of Save Pets of Ukraine.

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