Zolux, the French manufacturer, has recently overhauled its brand image. While the new logo maintains the brand’s iconic red color, it adopts a more modern and sophisticated tone. The retention of round shapes aims to accentuate Zolux’s warmth, yet the logo takes on a dynamic shape with the introduction of a new emblem: the hummingbird.

According to the company, “The hummingbird refers to our origins, the seed shop that opened in 1933, and is a strong symbol of kindness, hope, generosity, courage and optimism.” It also signifies the company’s unwavering commitment to environmental protection. Choosing lowercase letters for the brand name imparts a sense of familiarity, and the inclusion of “Family company since 1933” emphasizes the brand’s extensive history and expertise.

In addition to the logo, adjustments to packaging and product segmentation were made to standardize the brand in stores, providing customers with clearer guidance.

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