According to Wag!’s latest announcement, the online resource Cat Food Advisor was launched. The Cat Food Advisor provides reviews on nutritional cat products and is a result of the company’s acquisition of Dog Food Advisor. This also marks another step to Wag!’s aim to become the No. 1 platform for pet owners.

Cat Food Advisor is an initiative after receiving great demand for consumers searching an alternative for Dog Food Advisor for felines. Cat owners receive detailed reviews and “expert” analyses of several cat food products so that they can choose exactly the best for their car.

„We are thrilled to introduce Cat Food Advisor as a valuable resource for cat owners,” said Wag!‘s chief marketing officer Patrick McCarthy. “Our goal is to help cat owners make informed choices when it comes to their cat’s nutrition, just as we have for dog owners with Dog Food Advisor. Every pet deserves the best possible care, starting with a healthy diet, and Cat Food Advisor is an invaluable tool for achieving that.”

The Cat Food Advisor comes with a very user-friendly surface and even offers articles, advices and tips regarding cat health from professionals.

According to the company, there are already plans to develop the platform making it a “go-to” resource.

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