Argentine pet food manufacturer, Vitalcan, is investing approximately $9 million in constructing a new pet food factory in Río Grande, situated in the southern region of Tierra del Fuego. The initial phase of this manufacturing project aims to introduce about 45 new job opportunities. As production activities are set to commence by the end of 2024, the facility anticipates creating a total of 300 jobs, according to a report from the local daily Privincia 23.

Maximiliano Sobotowicz, Director of New Business and Marketing at Vitalcan, emphasized “We are the only company in the sector with our own research in Argentina. This research guarantees the quality of all Vitalcan products.” Currently, with a workforce exceeding 250 people, Vitalcan envisions solidifying its position as a leading entity in the Argentinian market through ongoing investments in Río Grande.

Sobotowicz outlined,“The key is to create added value by combining three axes: passion, scientific research and industrial and sustainable development.” In terms of job creation and market dominance, Vitalcan is optimistic about its prospects in the pet food industry.

Vitalcan’s product range spans a diverse selection of wet and dry pet food products designed for both cats and dogs. The company, apart from its presence in Argentina, asserts that its products are distributed in Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, and Ecuador.

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