According to an announcement by the British vet technology company Vet-Al, the enterprise received a joint investment of its partners Hill’s Pet Nutrition and Correlation One Holdings. Since Vet-Al was founded in 2017 by entrepreneur Paul Hallett and veterinary surgeons Dr. Robert Dawson and Dr. Sarah Warren, the company raised a total funding £12.6 million ($15.7M / €14.8M) and provided online help for more than 150,000 pet parents so far.

Paul Hallett Co-founder of Vet-Al feels confident that the cooperations aid them with “undertake innovative work to provide a much-needed bridge between digital and face-to-face veterinary care”.

The company invented the app Joii Pet Care using AI technology to offer online veterinary care to pet owners. The app’s AI shall support veterinarians procure more time for live therapy that are required. App users have the opportunity to use features such as a free symptom checker, video calls with veterinarians, online follow-ups, and check-ups.

“One of our top priorities is fostering and continually investing in the health, longevity, and satisfaction of our veterinary network”, stated Hill’s Pet Nutrition. “We see our work with Vet-AI as another step towards supporting veterinarians across the world.”

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