Having pets becomes more and more popular: 12.2 million households (46.9% of all households), purchased cat or dog food last year, an increase of 1 million compared to 2020. 64.8 million pets now live with Italian families: fish are on first place with 29.9 million individuals, followed by 12.9 million birds, 10.1 million cats and 8.7 million dogs.

According to a data collection by Zoomark and the Italian Association for Pet Feeding and Care (ASSALCO), total sales of the Italian pet food (dog and cat) market amounted to €2.5 billion ($2.7B) (8.4% increase to previous year).

The findings show, that most of the total turnover of cat and dog food (29.7 %) is generated in supermarkets, 14.3% in traditional pet shops and 7.5% in pet shop chains. Last year, 658.5 million kg of cat and dog food, valuing €2.41B ($2.59B), were sold across the country.

With 48% of the market share, wet food is still the most bought type of pet food. But also toys, hygiene prducts and accessoires enjoy greater popularity with an increase of 5.8%

According to the results, which were presented at the Interzoo in Nuremberg, cat litter constitutes the strongest segment with an increase of 5%.

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