The Czech pet food group VAFO set their focus on being as sustainable as possible at Zoomark regarding both their products and their presence in total.

The company’s stand was all made from sustainable materials than can be used in upcoming events again. VAFO even waived using any printed marketing materials. “All information about the company and products was available to visitors on their mobile phones through a QR code. The decision to not print any paper material saved roughly one ton of paper, which means we saved nine whole trees,” says VAFO Group marketing manager Tereza Alvarez Sone.

The company also presented various sustainable products such as Hau Hau CO2-neutral food (its carbon footprint is offset by 120%), Carnilove FRESH MEAT, Brit Insect based on insect protein.

VAFO commits to increase sustainabilty until 2025 by using local ingredients, 100% recycled packaging, sustainable ingredients and producing carbon-neutral pet foods.

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