The PETZ – Rize Pet Care UCITS exchange-traded fund (ETF) – searches for investments in pet companies since the fund, based in London, is certain that the pet industry of today stands on a “strong footing.”

The company is focused on companies that could avail itself of the pet popularity and humanization as well as on companies in the veterinary or healthcare sector.

Being eligible requires a market capitalization of more than $750 million (€689M) plus an average daily sales over $2 million (€1.84M).

“There are several themes shaping the future of pet care. First, is the trend toward humanization. In the past 20 years, pets have gone from sleeping in our backyards to sleeping in our beds,” explained Rahul Bhushan, co-founder of Rize ETF.

Due to a change off the traditional family picture and an increase oft he aging population, the number of pets has strongly risen.

“For pet care companies, this means big business,” added Bhushan.

Rize ETF, founded in 2019, is quoted on the London Stock Exchange, Deutsche Börse Xetra, Borsa Italiana and SIX Swiss Exchange.

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