In order to increase its private label production, Şadanlar Pet, Turkish pet food manufacturer and distributor, will invest $13 million (€12.1M) in a new facility, Troya Petfood.

The new factory will be located in the Ezine Gıda organized industrial zone in Canakkale and is able to produce 30,000 tons of pet food per year. Covering 12,900 sqm with a total surface of about 4,400 sqm, the plant will produce premium dog and cat food for the company’s private label Dr. Sacchi.

Using production equipment from Wenger USA and Yemmak Turkey, Troya Petfood will be “the first production facility of this type to comply with both US and EU standards.”

In the first investment step, the plant will provide around 100 new jobs. When it runs on full capacity, there will be even more jobs created.

Since 1987 Şadanlar Pet has distributed pet food from brands like Champion Petfood’s Acana and Orijen and Gimborn to the Turkish market

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