According to an announcement from 18 July, Symrise Pet Food will now launch its pet food ingredients under a new brand called Nuvin™. In order to increase its business and push sustainability efforts, the company aims to offer more proteins egg, chicken and hydrolyzed ones under the new brand.

The takeover of Symrise Pet Food’s Nutrios™ brand from Nuvin is part of the company’s strategy offering pet food processors importants ingredients.

The brand will contain different lines: Ovalin™, a range containing value-added egg ingredients; OvaBind™, containing egg-based binding and emulsifying ingredients for special diets; Pepti’One, a line of hydrolysates from just one animal protein; furthermore chicken proteins, broths and fats to be used in dry and wet formulas.

“Clearly, the initial brand served us well in establishing a footing in the global marketplace,” said GM of nutrition business line John Tiedeman. “It also helped us set the tone for our authoritative position in quality, safety and sustainability. Now, Nuvin picks up where Nutrios leaves off. This reflects our determination to elevate the existing brand equity with greater innovation as we move into an intensified strategic phase of growth and vitality.”

Alle new-brand ingredients will keep their individual branding. The brand will also get help from Symrise Pet Food’s team of researchers, developers and marketing specialists.

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